Working Methods at AAU


POPBL - Project Organised Problem Based Learning  

  • Studies are problem-based and organised around projects. Teaching and student work revolves around complex real-life problems or issues.
  • The project work in student groups generally accounts for 50% of the study time and another 50% is devoted to lectures, seminars and laboratory work.
  • This form of teaching is close to optimal for the learning process according to an OECD evaluation.

Studying at Aalborg University

The study form differs from that of most universities. The main part of the study consists of working on projects in student groups of 3-6 members. This is obvious at the first sight of the University - the campus is dominated by the numerous group rooms for students. Usually, in the beginning of the semester, a number of courses are given. The latter half of the semester is dedicated for project work.

Every semester has its own theme that must be followed in the choice of projects and associated courses. Engineering projects usually comprise design and implementation of a system(depending on profession and stage of education) perhaps including a small scale scientific experiment. Many M.Sc. projects are carried out in close cooperation with research activities of the faculty or with industry in Jylland.

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