Problem Based Project Organised Learning POPBL used in Developement of AAUBOT

At Aalborg University POPBL is our philosophy for learning. Therefore it is natural for us to break down the overall main problem in building a walking robot to smaller parts (though big and complex) which are then formulated as project proposals for the students.

At the time being 1 project is running concerning the project referenced in the next/next paragraph. We are taking the next step; instrumenting, programming and controlling the AAU-BOT1 now assembled.

Links to these projects you find below:

From the start of February 2012 and 3 month a head a trainiee student from Eindhoven made a very good job finding and correcting model errors in our mathematical model which probably was the reason to the problems seen in the privious projec.

From September 2009 to June 2010 a new 2 member group from Automation and Control has taking over. The group build a new control platform for simulation of preplanned trajectories for walking as Passive Dynamics Based Robot do. They concluded that passive walking is not an option because of the limited overhead of power in the motors. Different control strategies were designed and testet on their new simulator. An attempt to realize test in practice was with little succes.

From September 2008 to June 2009 a new 2 member group from Automation and Control has taking over. Minor changes in bus set up was needed to improve through put of data packets, Force Torque Sensors were calibrated and an entirely new software structure for the onboard computer(OBC) was designed and implemented. In simulation planning and control for static walk is carry out. The robot is very close to walk.

(No home page from this group)

From September 2007 to July 2008 a new 3 member group from Automation and Control has taking over. The Robot is now assembled and the first data platform based on CAN and RS483 nets are implemented. A model is set up and some simulations including control are fulfilled.

aau-bot1 home page(2007-2008)(Not supported any more)

From September 2006 to July 2007 a 3 member group has made analyses of human gait, studiet the litterature and based on that they succeeded to design, construct, manufacture and assemble almost the hole robot:Please look at the result(You can find a PDF file under "Student Projects")

aau-bot1 home page(2006-2007)(closed)

Also from September 2006 to July 2007 a group of 4 members started up a project with a small size robot based on their experiences from a former semester. An enhanced small size robot now called "Roberto" is designed and implemented and this platform was used for modelling, control,simulation and tests in a master thesis project. Se the PDF file under "Student Projects".

Picture from former and updated Roberto

From the preliminary study autumn 2005 a video of the toy robot implemented as an engineering challenge in modelling, simulation, control and real time programming is available her, yes for fun too:

Demo video