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AAU-BOT1 the first research based walking robot at Aalborg University implemented by students.

In the spring of 2006 Professor Jakob Stoustrup was granted from the Dannin foundation for constructing and implementing a “limping” robot to close the gab between the fields of health technology and robotics

At Aalborg University many institutes have been working with robotics for many years and in many different applications: production, fixed single chain, rigid or flexible, mobile, electrically or hydraulic driven e.g. and quit a few were build at the university as well.

To bring all these expertise into play the idea to outline a proposal for the students to make their own robot was invented.

As the funding also is far from enough to buy a fully operational human size robot it should be possible to buy all the parts and get students to construct, build, instrument and control such a robot.

In the autumn 2006 the AAUBOT group was founded and at the same time the first student group from Department of Mechanic (IME) was formed. In the autumn 2007 the next group from Department of Electronic and Systems (ES) took over and assemled the robot. See initial assembled AAUBOT They designed the first control platform based on a bus structure. A model was set up and in simulation simple control structures ware implemented. In the autumn 2008 the next group from ES took over and improved the data platform and was just ready to make the robot walk statically in June 2009 but we hope a new group will take over in the autumn 2009 and take the last final step to make the robot walk dynamically before the summer 2010(see Education\Student projects). Well this did not happen but all the AAUBOT set up and surroundings are improved. Better data logging, simulation facilities and parameter findings are in place so the final goal is postfoned to spring 2011. First in the spring 2012 a new student group will continue the work. We can hardly wait to see their results in the spring 2013. See it walking or find it on You Tube under AAU_BOT1


          11th November 2007                         12th June 2009

Hi students are you interested in joining this chalenging project please contact us

See simulation of Allan from November 2007